Teslin 1

A small amount of orders are still missing certain states or just never ended up shipping so we marked a what we had listed for reprints. If you are missing an order or part of your order, then DM us on reddit with your order number so we can look into this for you. We can’t post order #’s here or else we’d list them all.

If your order went from “RTPcompleted” to “Paid” then we have gotten it marked for reprints. We will also be sending a notification to the users that we marked with an offer.

If we’ve already spoken and confirmed that we have it marked for reprints then disregard this post.


If you are still missing a PVC order please DM us your order number on reddit so we can check that

Teslin 2

Most of our old orders have delivered or are about to be. Next batch will be updated with shipping as they go out. We are just fixing one thing so it works for the future. Tracking will soon show for orders that come from our Teslin 1 office.

If you need tracking for an older Teslin 2 order, DM us.

Most orders should already be taken care of unless you haven’t gotten in touch with us. Turnaround is back to normal for all states available ๐Ÿ™‚