Teslin 1 Orders

If your tracking number hasn’t updated in a few weeks, please DM me your order and tracking number. We had a batch of orders that never scanned in and we’ve been marking orders for reprints because of this.

Please get in touch with me asap so i can get you taken care of!

Teslin 2 Orders

Shipped out some orders late last week. More will be shipping this week. All AL orders will be produced this week. The ongoing site issue with those carried into this week because of some other errors being corrected. We apologize for the delay on these orders. Once they are shipped out they shouldn’t take more than a week to arrive

As soon as all AL orders are caught up we will be reopening AL! Hoping to have that back up on the site this weekend.

PVC Orders

All PVC states have been behind due to site bugs we’ve been fixing since last week. New dev took a bit longer to get it fixed but all owed PVC orders will be out early next week! Been a lot of trial and error which is why this has taken so long.