Has your order states recently switched from RTPcomplete to NA? If so read below.

We’re currently troubleshooting a site error that caused about 500+ orders to show an incorrect order status for orders from late December to mid January. So if your Teslin 1 or Teslin 2 status switched to NA recently, that’s why. Most if not all of these orders should have been shipped out by now so once this issue is fixed you will see tracking on your account page ๐Ÿ™‚

Teslin 2 orders have been slightly delayed due to inclement weather. Please be patient on those orders, its out of our control. AL orders should be started on this week. We had to fix something on our end before producing the orders. Our web developer took a leave of absence for a long period of time but we are getting the issue fixed this week and getting those orders out! Your status will update under Teslin 2 this time around.

More states will be getting added to our domestic office in the near future. Anything from our domestic office arrives in about 2 weeks and never goes through customs. Once our site related issues are taken care of, all Teslin 2 orders will be back at their normal turnaround times.

Sorry for the long delay on this update, didn’t know what was going on with our dev and didn’t want to create a panic.