We accept BTC, Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle. Learn how to use each payment with our Payment Guide.

Using an out of state ID is fine. Most college towns are used to seeing people from all over the world, so an ID from another state is not unusual at all.

Sometimes there are some unforeseen circumstances that delay our process in making your ID’s. We try to keep everyone informed through our updates page. Please check there before you submit a ticket please!

We also ship IDs from multiple offices so please stay up to date with each portion of your order on your account page.

The answer is and always will be NO. We use full automation when making your ID’s meaning any mistakes you see on the ID itself is due to incorrectly filling out the order form. You should always double check the order form before adding it to the cart. You also have the option to look over your info while its in the cart. If its incorrect, simply delete that ID from your order and redo it.

The answer is NO. We DON’T refund money once its been sent. Make sure you’re certain that you want one of our fake ids before you pay!

If you ordered with Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal and have submitted your payment info, please give it about 1-4 business days for it to be marked as paid. If it takes longer than that, please submit a ticket with your order number to find out whats preventing your order status from being updated.

If your BTC order hasn’t confirmed as paid within 24-48 hours, please reach out via the Contact page with your order. Follow instructions on the Contact page to check back for your replies.

Sometimes our Western Union Mules mules accidentally mark orders as failed even though they picked them up. Do not worry, we check for this every few days to make sure we get all our orders handled if the payment was received.

If this happens to one of your MG/WU orders, it means your money was unable to be picked up. Submit a ticket so we can take care of the problem. We will not ship your ID’s unless we are paid in full. No exceptions.

Sometimes if we notice that your order has been given a wrong/bad address for you to send btc we will go ahead and delete it before you pay.

Also your order automatically deletes if it isn’t paid within 2 weeks.

We apologize it took that long but since USPS is really hit or miss with their times we can’t completely rely on their ship times to be 100% accurate. Once your order is shipped its out of our control.

Note: Express shipping does not affect production time, it strictly changes the ship time from 2-7 days to 1-3 days once picked up by USPS.

USPS tends to be sporadic with delivery times. It usually takes a day or two for packs to get picked up from the USPS blue boxes. So we’d say about 2-7 days for an order to arrive once it’s shipped via Priority.

1-3 days for Express.

If your order doesn’t come in our usual turnaround, there is nothing we can do.

N/A: No states from this office included in this order.

Placed/Payment Pending: Your order is placed and will be downloaded shortly once your payment is received (Allow 2-4 days for it to be downloaded, we download about 2-3 batches per week)

Paid/Payment Received: Your payment has been received. We will begin working on your order when we download the next batch.

Downloaded/RTPcompleted: Your order is being worked on and will be shipped out after its produced! Allow up to 1-2 weeks

Shipped/Tracking Number: Your order has been dropped off at a USPS blue box and is on its way to you!

Pending Pickup: Your payment is being picked up/verified by our payment processors. Once received your order will show as paid.

No we only ship within the USA.

Express usually takes 1-2 days to arrive once shipped. Priority usually takes anywhere from 2-7 days to arrive.

All labels say 2-3 days to arrive but it never seems to hold true once the packages are in USPS’s hands

Express and Priority are only the shipping methods and have NO effect on the speed of production with your order

You have 2 weeks to pay for your order before it gets deleted from our servers! Make sure to get payments in as soon as you can for the best service!

No, we do not make up information for you. If you put nothing on the order form, your ID will have no information rendering it useless.

No, the site automatically adds in the state abbreviation based on what state you selected at the top of the order form page.

Yes. Use Zillow to find a valid address in your selected state that is easy to remember.

Yes! All of our ID’s have scannable 2D barcodes and encoded Magnetic Strips. So they can be swiped or scanned 🙂 Keep in mind only certain states have mag strips*